Roofer Level 1 – Topic 4 Test

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Roofer Level 1 – Topic 4 Test

Roofer Level 1 Orientation Demo

Roofer Level 1 – Topic 4


Most lessons will have a quiz or quizzes at the end. The quizzes need to be completed, successfully. 

Let’s test one out! Don’t worry, this isn’t for marks. 😉

To get to the Quizzes, you will need to head back to the Lesson. You can do this by clicking the “Back to Lesson” link at the top of the topic.

Progress through the quiz and make sure you check that all questions are answered before submitting it! Once you’ve completed the questions, click Finish Quiz at the bottom left. This will take you to your results. 

You will have the options to retake the test or review your answers.